Visual Learners Unite

Hello. My name is Shannon, and I'm a visual learner. Maybe I should clarify that even more to say I learn better by having a person show me how to do something instead of having a tutorial show me how to do something. Especially a tutorial that was written by a tech-savvy person who know absolutely what he/she's doing and trying to make it friendly enough that people like me can use it.  Take, for example, learning how to connect my blog to my Facebook page.

Simple, easy to follow written instructions are easy enough to find, and they start out being easy enough to follow. Until I get to the point where I have to find a specific option that I'm supposed to reach by double clicking on a certain item. Except I don't have to double click. I just have to hover the cursor over a particular part of the page and wait for the option to appear.  Of course, I don't realize that until my anxiety and frustration levels are reaching critical mass, and I breakdown and ask for that most dreaded of things--help. 

And due to whatever law governs these things, as soon as I say I need help, the person moves the cursor to exactly the right spot, and I get to look like an idiot. Hurray! Well, at least it's done, and now everything works the way it's supposed to. Actual Hurray!