Death Has a Name


One of the things I want to do as an author is to help promote other authors.  If you’ve never tried to market yourself or your books, you have no idea how much hard work and time it takes.  So, why not give a shout-out to other dedicated wordsmiths who are doing what they love?

Death Has a Name by Jerry Hanel is the first novel in a paranormal thriller/detective series that follows Brodie Wade.  As a child, Brodie was taken from his mother when unexplained injuries began appearing on his body.  On top of those were the ‘hallucinations.’  Unfortunately, what no one knew or would believe when told, was that Brodie can see The Truth.  The Truth manifests itself as an opaque, white mist that emanates from anything and everything that has a desire to be understood or known.  Whether it’s the body of a murder victim or a police file containing evidence, there’s always something that wants Brodie’s attention.  Since no one else can see it, Brodie comes off as unbalanced–which he pretty much is.

Now, I don’t like synopses of books where the plot and characters are explained in detail.  Why even bother reading the book if you know everything that happens?  It’s like being told who the killer is and then reading a mystery novel.  Having said that, I will tell you that Brodie isn’t my favorite character in the book.  That would be Detective Phil Dawson.  Phil has a good heart mixed in with the skills of a life-long cop.  He basically serves as Brodie’s handler, and he certainly has his hands full.  It’s Phil’s down-to-earth demeanor that makes Brodie’s (at times) over-the-top idiosyncrasies easier for me to handle.

Death Has a Name is a quick, easy read.  It might take some time to bond with the characters, but the plot moves along very quickly once it gets going.  As with any book, there are predictable aspects to it, and there are characters that are cookie-cutter cliches, but for the most part you’ll definitely find aspects of them to appreciate and enjoy.

On, the novel has 23 5-star ratings and 27 4-star ratings.  If I was to rate the book, I would probably fall into the 4-star category, but that’s only because I’m nit-picky about some of the writing mechanics, and for me the main character isn’t the main character.  I’ve already purchased a (signed) copy of the second book in the series, Thaloc Has a Body, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

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